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Church Of Sant’Anna In Sant’Elia a Pianisi

The church of Sant’Anna was built by the master builder Egidio Vecere, based on a fairly simple architectural design. It has a rectangular base measuring 17.20 m by 9.10 m and is isolated from the surrounding houses. It has a single nave, with a simple façade, with a rectilinear cornice, placed at the base of the tympanum with a rhomboidal window in the middle formed by stone arches. At the centre of the façade, there is the portal delimited by two columns with a smooth limestone stem, detached from the wall, placed on bases and pedestals with a rectangular base, with composite capitals supporting a gable frame and a neoclassical tympanum with friezes. On the roof, there is a small bell tower with a single bell. On the left wall, there are three splayed windows, while on the right one there is an added body, intended for the sacristy.

Works performed:

  • Consolidation of vaults using reinforced slabs with pre-mixed thixotropic mortar with high resistance to shrinkage compensated with polypropylene fibers of the Rurewall T type of Ruredil by hand, after careful cleaning of the vault by removing the mortar shell on the same to be done by hand with the use of light demolition equipment (ax or hammer), subsequent washing and application by hand with a trowel of a first gripping hand made with a special premixed scratch coat based on high pozzolanic hydraulic binders and low content of soluble salts declared Rurewall type R / Z in order to make the intervention surface perfectly ready for final mortar laying. The whole intervention preparation phase consisting of the application of the same reinforcement with a 10 mm 10 × 10 electro-welded mesh fixed with iron plates of 1 cm in size 10 × 10 and injection of the hole with anchoring mortar of the Ruredil type x bar inject. For a thickness of intervention equal to cm.4.
  • Masonry consolidation.
  • Plaster with fibre-reinforced mortar with pozzolanic hydraulic lime Limepor LGS, free of cement and cement derivatives, average thickness 3 cm, including pozzolanic hydraulic lime finishing and highly breathable finish with marmorino.
  • Cover made with steel sheets with multilayer protection with a corrugated profile, consisting of a galvanized steel sheet;
  • Supply and installation of OSB panel thickness mm.9, to be placed on the extrados of the covering sheets, consisting of flakes glued together with a synthetic resin that will be subsequently pressed;
  • Dismantling and consolidation of the bell tower with the numbering of the stone blocks and reassembly of the same;
  • Consolidation in the foundation.
  • Reconstruction of travertine floors;
  • Painting.
  • Restoration of the choir and the wooden door.


Santelia a Pianisi




Archdiocese Campobasso-Bojano