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Via Ospedale, 8 Venafro (IS)


Since decades we take care of the restoration of castles, surrounding walls, towers, churches, ancient buildings and farmhouses, which are part of our cultural heritage.

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We take care of the stabilization of the buildings in its foundations and its raising, of the remaking of inner and outdoor spaces and the destination of buildings with all the necessary works to accomplish required results.

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Highest urgency

Thanks to our experience we are able to work with the highest urgencies (operations regulated by art. 163 of Italian Contract Code), acting with alacrity and professionalism.

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Archaeological Site

We operated on the most important sites of our area, known in the whole country, as the San Vincenzo al Volturno medieval monastery. The OS25 II category of the SOA certification is an evidence of our competence.

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Entrust our management and our experience, with passion since 1988

35 years of experience

We were born in August 1986 and we specialized in the construction industry, working in Molise, Campania, Lazio and Abruzzo.


Our company always works with experience, perseverance, without any disagreement with clients.


The company has some of the best workers, proved to be experienced for any need of the financial marketplace.


SOA n. 4760/46/01 for the following categories:
– OG1 classifica IV;
– OG2 classifica V;
– OG11 classifica I;
– OS25 classifica II;
ISO 9001/2015 – n. SQ00403;
ISO 14001:2015 1 – n. SA 00016/19;
OHSAS 18001:2007 n. SH 00017/19;


Throughout the years, we acquired the following licenses:

L. 46/90 e s.m.i.
D.lgs. 626/94 e s.m.i.
D.lgs. 494/96 e s.m.i.
The company is in possession of (N.O.S.)


Our qualified workers are the capital, especially in committed sectors as restoration, archaeological sites and installations.


Our last projects:

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”
Walt Disney