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About us

The company was founded in August 8th 1986 by the engineer Antonio Buono, in the name of respect for the land, its people and its history. Since then we have been working in conformity with the safety and quality procedures. We work with competence, trustworthiness and full availability to meet the demands of both the public corporations and the private ones. Our area of competence includes renovations, constructions, restorations, realization of plumbing and electrical systems and archaeological sites.

Since the beginning we have always payed attention to our employees, all of them qualified and representing a fundamental part of the strength of the company since its foundation. They are our heritage, especially in those extremely thorny areas of work, in which experience and extensive knowledge are required: renovations, archaeological sites and installations. We have a stable and prolific partnership with companies, architects, engineers, restorers and archaeologists with proven reliability and professionalism.

Our structure and competences are firm and we are receptive to the challenges of the future: bio-construction, new technologies, construction of flexible and reversible spaces in response to the contemporary demands. Furthermore, we deal with the planning, proposal and management of energy efficiency works in energy-intensive structures (both private and public), working also by means of third-party financing. In this case the company would support all the expenses, included those of the intervention program (researches, materials, engineering, labor cost, operations start-up, evaluation and usage of the results), regaining the whole cost of the investment and its own profit, in proportion and according to the savings resulting from the project.

Ing. Antonio Buono is CEO and founder since 1986, in the same year the company has been found.

Buono Costruzioni


We were born in August 1986 and we specialized in the construction industry, working in Molise, Campania, Lazio and Abruzzo.


Our qualified workers are the capital, especially in committed sectors as restoration, archaeological sites and installations.


Our company always works with experience, perseverance, without any disagreement with clients.


UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 – n. Q/00725/21 – rev. N. 01 - SOA n. 4464/46/01 for the following categories: OG1 number IV, OG2 number V, OG11 number I, OS25, number II. ISO 14001. ISO 45001:2018 – n. SS/0017/19 – rev. N. 01.


The company has some of the best workers, proved to be experienced for any need of the financial marketplace.


Throughout the years, we acquired the following licenses: L. 46/90 and s.m.i -D.lgs 626/95 and s.m.i. -D.lgs 494/96 and s.m.i. -Secrecy permission (N.O.S.)

Buono Costruzioni

In developing our activity, we always focused on scientific research, operating solutions and management for assuring great results.

The company has some of the best men in the workforce, able to sustain every need of the financial marketplace.

Our leading clients are:

Ministry of Cultural Heritage;
Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport;
Private and Public Institutions.


Our office workers and technicians are fully competent, thanks to our thirty years of experience.

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