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Basilica of San Nicandro

Following the road that leads from Venafro to Isernia after having covered a short straight stretch, we find the church of s. Nicandro. There are numerous hypotheses about why it is located outside the town, but the most popular is the popular one. In fact, tradition has it that in that place around the tenth century was found the sarcophagus containing the relics of st. Nicandro.

Works performed:

  • Strengthening and seams of all joints between bearing structures (cantons, hammers) through perforations of the masonry with a rotating tool, subsequent injections with cement mixture after reinforcement of the perforations (perforation diameter 35-50 min) with improved adhered bars.
  • Concrete cementitious curbs, 30 cm high, reinforced with 4 ø 16 and ø 8/25 “brackets made after the cut of the masonry for a height of 40 cm.
  • Restructuring intervention of the vaults by emptying the resulting material and realization of the extrados of a load-bearing hood of 10 cm thick concrete reinforced with a 5/10 × 10 electro-welded mesh, turned up at the connections with the walls.
  • Application of electro-welded mesh anchored by drilling to the existing masonry and subsequent grout. Said intervention can be replaced by cement injections and topping up and styling of the masonry in stone, if the conditions of the masonry allow it and if it is prescribed by the technicians of the superintendence of monuments in progress.
  • Implementation of subsections in c.c. On all load-bearing walls to reduce loads on the foundation ground.
  • Consolidation and restoration of masonry by injections of cement mortar.
  • Replacing the existing floor;
  • Creation of new plasters and restoration of existing ones;
  • Replacement and/or restoration of stuccoes and deteriorated qualities
  • Replacement of fixtures;
  • Adjustment of the electrical system to current legislation;
  • Realization of the heating system of the basilica;
  • Realization of internal and external painting works;
  • Restoration and sandblasting of the church facade.


Viale S. Nicandro, 22, 86079 Venafro IS




Friars Minor Capuchins